PSSR Certification

Machine Boiler Inspections to keep your Coffee Business Safe and legal!

All of our inspections are accredited by Coffee Safe and valid for 12 months.

All PSSR Inspection will include: a call out service, labour work, new boiler gasket and new Safety valve.

PSSR Boiler Certification comprises of the following:

  • Completely shut the coffee machine down
  • Strip down the coffee machine by a qualified service engineer
  • We then drain the boiler and remove heating element
  • The engineer will then start to examine the pressure boiler
  • Once the engineer has finished the inspection, they will reassemble the coffee machine and refit the heating element with a new gasket.
  • The Machine will then be tested to full pressure (1.7-.1.9 Bar) to check the safety valve functions correctly and opens at the designated pressure (usually 1.8 Bar).
  • After the works have been completed, the engineer will submit the results to ‘CoffeeSafe' that will then issue a PSSR Test Certificate for the coffee machine to indicate it has passed and is legally compliant.
  • If the machine fails inspection for any reason and cannot be repaired within the allotted testing period, then a second inspection will be necessary. Your machine cannot be used until it has been passed and a certificate issued.

Here at 24/7 Espresso Services, we are able to offer a full solution to help you meet and maintain current legal requirements that cover your machine. These tests need to be carried out every year and we recommend that you have this inspection alongside your machine's Annual service.

Imagine your espresso machine is like you car. If a 'machine service' is the same idea as when you service a car, then the 'boiler inspection' is like the MOT test. It keeps it legal and ensures safety. A boiler inspection will keep you within the law and gives you, the owner, a relaxed mind about your employees and customer’s safety.

Many coffee machine owners don't realize that their espresso machine, regardless of how well they think it works, is covered by legislation that states - as an employer/owner - you are responsible for its safety. Insurance cover for staff and customers may be void in case of an accident, if the machine boiler has not been inspected within the 12 months previous. Click here to see details on Sainsbury's infamous recent explosion. And click here for a summary on the law regarding machine boilers.

Please note - all safety repairs and readjustments are done at no extra charge (as it is included in the price). But any needed replacement parts are chargeable for the part's price, with the customer being advised beforehand. We always use top quality parts and we give a  12 months warranty on all new parts fitted.

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