Full Service

Major Service to be completed at the 24/7 Espresso Services workshop, that include: machine collection & delivery, labour work and parts.

Our Full Service comprises of the following:

  • A complete strip down of the machine to chassis
  • All pipes, valves, group heads and boiler descaled
  • Body panels deep cleaned and polished
  • Boiler stripped and pressure cleaned, new gasket and element seal fitted
  • Machine is rebuilt with all seals and gaskets replaced
  • Steam / water valve seals and pads replaced and lubricated
  • Steam arm seals replaced
  • Manual fill inlet valve stripped with seals, pads and springs replaced
  • Level probe descaled and cleaned
  • New anti-vac valve fitted
  • New boiler safety pressure valve fitted (compliant to PSSR 2000)
  • Re-calibration of dispensing doses
  • Machine is bench tested for 24 hours to ensure full operation
  • After the works have been completed, the engineer will issue a PSSR Test Certificate for the coffee machine to indicate it has passed and is legally compliant.

Please contact us for more information.